The Organization for Permanent Modernity is an office and research group for urban design and architecture.



ORG² + ZUS have won the Open Call for the design study for the strategic site of Europalaan with focus on the station area in Genk. The team's integrated proposal transforms the existing infrastructure and public space and identifies development opportunities that can reinforce the identity of the city centre.

team: ORG² + ZUS


ORG SQUARED has been awarded the urban design project for the conceptual integration and redesign of the waterfronts of the city of Aalst. The river Dender runs along Aalst's medieval city, its industrial districts, and some of the city's parks and ecological reserves. more


This private home in Flanders, currently under construction, is an excellent case on contemporary suburban living and building. It’s unique use of materials makes the house stand out in this village neighborhood context. This unique character is not for excess. more


Covering the ring road of Antwerp: this is a historic opportunity. From January 2016, Alexander D’Hooghe and the ORG²-team are taking on the role of curator for this project, supported by Common Ground, Arup and Deltares. The team further consists of Marcel Smets, Henk Ovink, Louis Prompers and Maarten Van Acker. more


SOMA is a mixed use market for Abattoir SA-NV that is located in the immigrant neighborhood of Anderlecht, Belgium. The site is part of a large block development, returning the currently open site of the original market building to a defined urban condition or “thick block” system. more