ORG is a design firm specializing in urbanism and architecture with demanding clients globally, including public organizations, civic foundations, publicly traded corporations, governments, local action groups, and individuals. Every client is different and deserves a personal strategy. A stimulating personal relationship between you, your staff and key members of the team is important to us. Our partners and project leaders work with you directly to serve your interests and assist you in navigating a complex path to achieve big goals.


ORG is a quality label. We aspire to offer you some of the best experts and methods available while streamlining relationships between different fields of expertise. ORG also keeps it finger on the pulse of current practice, making the most of its offices in New York (USA) and Brussels (Belgium, EU), as well as its affiliated research lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to converse with international best practices. Our design principles include boldness, precision, simplicity, innovation, reason, reliability, resilience, and elegance. We extract poetry from the demands for economic optimization.


Can you employ design tools to achieve large-scale change, manage risk, and spread new narratives? Can you maximize the potential of a neighborhood, a building, an infrastructure, or furniture by design, planning, construction or re-use? The answer is yes. We believe design matters when it is realized. We analyze our projects to retain value over the long term, providing benefits to future generations. ORG offers professional services with talented designers, project managers, and technical specialists in architecture, civil engineering, building technology, graphic design, humanities, group dynamics, game theory, computation, real estate, landscape design, urban design and planning, in order to manage risk and allow cautious optimism.


Design can be a form of diplomacy, achieving best results by drawing the brightest ideas from a plurality of voices and crystallizing them into simple, elegant and durable solutions. From its onset, our firm has developed expertise in incorporating and mediating between many contradicting voices. We constantly search for novel ways of creating synergies, in order to achieve the very best design services possible.


We are dedicated to innovation and creativity. We were among the first to introduce BIM in Belgium, one of the pioneers in integrating 3d-printing in buildings, and are now preparing for the convergence of software and AI in all steps of the design process. ORG is a design innovation ecosystem for the improvement of the built environment.            
Today, ORG curates and stewards the design process for capping the highway around Antwerp, a project with a budget of 1,25 billion euros. Staff has grown to top 25 full-time consultants.  Recent widely published buildings include the Brussels Markets (2015), the Brakel Police Station (2017), and a Landform infrastructural building (fire station) in Asse. (2014). Recent exposure includes a prominent installation at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice (2016). We have also been invited for Kassel Documenta Urbana (2017). Recent prizes include and the Honors Award for Design Excellence by the Boston Society of Architects (2017); FEBE –Award for best prefabricated concrete building (2016). ORG recently completed projects in the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ghana, China, South-Korea and Russia. Among those; a regional visioning and redevelopment project to for Aix-Marseille-Provence (2015), a development prototypes for middle ring suburbs in East Coast cities (2012), a plan for the protection and expansion of the coastline between France and the Netherlands (2009), a competition-winning entry for a large landfill in South-Korea (2008).
ORG was founded in 2006 by Alexander D’Hooghe, Natalie Seys and Luk Peeters as a transatlantic design firm. Luk is a season expert in complex large architectural projects; Natalie manages the firm. Alexander contributes to design concepts. His ‘The Liberal Monument’ (Princeton Architectural Press, 2007) served as a launch manifesto for the designers. The book describes a platform of dissonant monuments as a basic template to celebrate liberal democracy. The office mission is to celebrate this kind of society, and give it comfort during its growing pains. As the office grew, architectural and urbanism work increasingly differentiated. After a merger, in 2015, Marcel Smets joined as a partner and senior advisor in the European urbanism division. D’Hooghe was his ex-student and employee; both taught together at Harvard and collaborated extensively before. Smets’ extensive experience in mobility and infrastructure design has since attracted other experts with a focus on the intersection between mobility and development to join ORG Urbanism. At the same time, D’Hooghe and former student and MIT research fellow Kobi Ruthenberg established a New York branch for ORG after winning a series of competitions together for new infrastructures in the region, with a focus on resiliency. In 2016, as awareness grew that ORG Architecture projects shared a design method based on the refined design and detailing of a series of key building elements, we decided a create a third product line exclusively dedicated to the research, development and sales of building parts.


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