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Renovation of a family house, Leuven, Belgium


Renovation of a family house, Leuven, Belgium

JOLI is a small project for the renovation of a family house in Leuven, Belgium. The client wished to rebuild the back of the house to be more open towards the garden and wanted to have a terrace in the sun. ORG proposed a plan that takes into account the level difference between the existing living areas and the garden, and the fact that the garden is situated on the north side. The main elements of the new extension are the large terrace - that reaches to the sun and forms one continuity with the kitchen and dining area -, the completely glazed facade towards the garden and the roof - that is supported only by the two existing side walls. This roof is made up of a mesh of steel fins with variable section which form a bulge where it is most needed for the stability of the span. This way no other constructional elements are needed inside the living room, while keeping the edge of the roof very thin. Construction: Finished Winter 2015. Team: ORG Contractor for the steel roof: Melens Dejardin Structural Engineer: UTIL Photos: Filip Dujardin, ORG and Melens Dejardin

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