Alexander D’Hooghe

CEO Urbanism, Msc. Arch, Maud, PhD, Architect 

Alexander D’Hooghe, PhD, MAUD, M.Civil Eng-Arch, is associate professor at MIT senior founding partner of, ORG Permanent Modernity based in Brussels and New York, active internationally in urbanism and architecture. He has published internationally, notably with ‘the Liberal Monument’ (Princeton, Fall 2010) and with recent papers in relevant journals in Germany, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the USA, etc. His urban designs and analyses have included sites in New York City, Shenzhen, Belgium, The Netherlands, Iceland, South-Korea, Malawi, Ghana, parts of Russia, etc.

Alexander was formerly the director of MIT Centre For Advanced Urbanism (CAU), which focuses on the large-scale, complex urban issues of our time. D’Hooghe obtained a PhD from the Berlage Institute in 2007 with T.U. Delft, published as the book ‘The Liberal Monument’ . He previously obtained a Master’s degree in Urban Design from Harvard in 2001, and a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Leuven in 1996. He worked with among others Rem Koolhaas and Marcel Smets. He is a licensed architect in Belgium.