ORG is a design firm tackling the pressing challenges of today by driving transformational projects across scales of architecture, urbanism and infrastructure.

Our strength lies in uniting diverse stakeholders in complex projects, building consensus through innovative co-creation trajectories with expert, interdisciplinary teams. We leverage advanced analytics with custom computational tools to support our design processes and see a project through to realization.

With our tech company Solv, we offer advanced machine learning tools that support co-creation, structure processes and map stakeholder values, significantly enhancing large spatial project success. Our commitment is validated through high-quality outcomes and successful project realization.

ORG has three divisions that work to initiate systemic change across scales: Architecture, Urbanism and Systems.


In Architecture, we focus on multipurpose, flexible-use buildings that can serve as they are needed and adjust with time. Commercial, civic, manufacturing, education, residential and office spaces can be carefully connected for optimal and productive use of space. Our architectural vision is for robust, long-lasting forms designed into structures that are adaptable, simple and elegant. We believe that the most sustainable building is one that lasts, built with and operating on circular principles.


ORG has an urbanistic expertise in combining socially and economically productive programs that create a healthy environment and a sense of belonging. We apply innovation through diligent research and local collaboration; curating the insights of stakeholders to make projects that are valuable to the people who will use them. We carefully develop a built environment that blends the cutting edge with the practical for spaces that people enjoy using and want to care for and return to over time.


Our Systems division engages in projects with a regional to global influence. Our approach is characterized by an enduring, future-oriented perspective that understands the interrelated nature of the built environment and its activities. We operate across several sectors, including maritime planning focused on renewable energy and coastal resilience, the development of advanced multi-modal mobility systems, agro-industrial planning, national and regional planning strategies and innovation-driven economies.