Police Station Zaventem

The new Zaventem police station is the result of a Design-Build-Maintain (DBM) competition. The new police station is being built next to the existing police station in the center of Zaventem along the railway line. It includes offices for 150 employees, a reception hall for the public, cells, sports halls, underground parking, and a shooting range. On the triangular-shaped land, the building takes the shape of an L. The shorter wing houses the cells and sports facilities (dojo, fitness, electronic shooting range). The longest wing houses the office spaces (intervention, proximity, supervisor, etc.) and common areas (cafeteria, changing rooms, etc.). On the side of the square are the public functions, while the rear of the building accommodates the staff parking lot. The shooting range is next to the building underground. As a result, the noise pollution it generates is limited. The rest of the site is greened to the maximum with particular attention to safety, privacy, and accessibility.

The structure is related to its built environment while offering a certain presence to the police force as a public building. By keeping the building as compact as possible and playing with loopholes to split the building, it is at once accessible and immense. The small tower marks the entrance to the building and houses the cafeteria. The facade is drawn by "large bricks" made up of classic masonry with different fittings. The massing and "large bricks" give the project a unique character and a bright public image for the new police station. Given the public nature of the building, it is important to have a clear entrance and a secure side for access to holding cells and staff entry. The halls inside are very simple with a single corridor connecting the different services. The construction framework allows for maximum flexibility and future expansion. The beams are executed in the thickness of the slab and the span between the column is large. With this design, it’s possible to imagine a different layout of uses in the future. The structure was also calculated to be able to accommodate an additional floor. By using false ceilings and raised floors, it is easy to adapt the technical installations.


Zaventem, Belgium




7000 m²


Public Service


Vinci, Arch & Teco

Mission ORG

Architecture design, Construction


Alexander D’Hooghe, Luk Peeters, Felix Schiettecatte, Birgit Clottens, Wim François


Police Zaventem