Nature Inclusive Design - Princess Elisabeth Island

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Spanning across six workshops between March and October 2022, Elia, under the guidance of ORG, in partnership with Marijn Rabaut and Mantis Consulting, convened a consortium of experts to collaboratively engineer a pioneering Nature Inclusive Design strategy for the upcoming Princess Elisabeth Island.

During this co-creation process, a framework of ambitions and prerequisites was collectively devised to shape and advance various Nature Inclusive Design models. In the subsequent year-long 'Detailed Design Phase' of 2023, Elia, in tandem with the construction consortium DEME and Jan De Nul, examined the technical and economic viability of these models. The conclusive Nature Inclusive Design strategy, stands on a foundation of diverse research insights and expert guidance, setting a new benchmark for sustainable development.

Nature Inclusive Design

In our pursuit of Nature Inclusive Design, ORG defined four key zones: the supratidal zone, the intertidal area including shallow subtidal zones, the deep subtidal zone, and the seabed. Through a thorough co-creation process, we explored potential elements within each zone, focusing on their roles in 'reproduction, foraging and sheltering' within the ecosystem. In selecting elements, our criteria prioritized their compatibility and interconnectivity. This deliberate selection process was geared toward cultivating complex habitats, specifically designed to facilitate the development of rich ecosystems, fostering their diversity and vitality.

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In the realization of this process and the ultimate design, the openness of Elia, combined with the expertise of the construction consortium DEME and Jan De Nul, alongside the invaluable commitment of top-tier experts in their respective domains, were instrumental. Their collaborative dedication made this venture possible.

ORG takes pride in our contribution to shaping this groundbreaking Nature Inclusive Design strategy for Princess Elisabeth Island, a pioneering milestone as the world's first energy island.

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Princess Elisabeth Zone, North Sea, Belgium


2022 - 2023


Timothy Vanagt, Caterina Dubini, Heinrich Altenmueller, Léa Colombain, Rupert Vanstapel, Jules Van Rijsselberge, Doras Alver






Infrastructure, Energy, Biohabitat, Feasibility and realisation


Mantis, Marijn Rabaut