BKP_ Connect to water

Illustrations of the lowering of the quays of the Beco and Vergotte bassins

ORG, together with Bureau Bas Smets (TV ORG-BBS), studied the feasibility of lowering and planting the quays of the canal in the Brussels Capital Region to complete the BKP.In the city center, the canal is flanked by vertical walls that reduce the visibility of the water and prevent a good integration of the waterbody in the city. ORG-BBS first investigated the spatial and technical constraints along the 14km length of the canal to map to create lowered qualitative public spaces, improving the connections between the city, its inhabitants, nature, and the canal. This first study resulted in a differentiated map of potentials, based on a matrix defining the possible accessibilities, functions, green elements, and continuities that characterize those places of interest. Its conclusions are an addendum to the BKP which can be found here.

Map of potentials for the lowering of the quays

A second study was carried out to investigate the feasibility of lowering two specific quays bordering the Beco and Vergotte basins, which were revealed as potentials in the first study. Using research-by-design, different scenarios were spatially and technically investigated before being evaluated with various public stakeholders, resulting in a decision of the Regional Government to include the lowering of those quays in future projects. The study can be found here.

Illustrations of the lowering of the quays of the Beco and Vergotte bassins


Brussels, Belgium


2020 - 2021


Yannick Vanhaelen, Valentine Debizet


perspective.brussels, Brussels Capital Region

Mission ORG

Feasibility studies


Public Space


Bureau Bas Smets, Bollinger + Grohmann