L’ile de Nantes - Transformation Plan

ORG’s project for Ile de Nantes was assigned after an intense competition with five international teams. This project plan follows the famous Alexander Chemetoff, who launched the process in 2001 and was in charge until 2009. The plan focuses on a gradual transformation of sites of legacy industries and shipyards at the Island of Nantes, France.

While the first phase of the plan was particularly successful, for the next steps, developed by ORG, a different strategy was needed: rather than looking at the site plot by plot, but rather focusing on aspects of urban cohesion. This renewed interest in large-scale visioning was mainly generated by the development of a massive site area (south-west of the island) that was purely too large for the plot by plot approach of Chemetoff.

Through a process of urban analysis, the team identified a great challenge of finding consistency across the Isle of Nantes. Given the size of the area and the historical and morphological structure of the development, it cannot be considered as a single homogeneous island, but rather a group of seven individual neighborhoods, each with its character and morphology.


Nantes, France



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Smets Consultants in Urbanism –ORG Urbanism


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Marcel Smets, Alexander D’Hooghe


City of Nantes