Vision Boards for Blauwe Cluster

The Paintings of the North Sea were made to engage and communicate with the public of the Belgian Coast, visitors, and residents alike. Panels were made to share the facets of the North Sea in five atmospheric expressions. The five panels form a deep section through the North Sea with an artificial island in its center. They are working together as a 360 panoramic view of the region's biodiverse inhabitants from this imagined vantage point.

The paintings are built up by layered watercolor.

The Five Panels include:

1. Mariculture: seaweed production, mussel production, and oyster farming. The fields are observed by a drone.

2. Tourism: the sea with a wide range of biodiversity, the artificial islands used for tourism but also as a sanctuary for birds and seals.

3. Coast protection: an artificial island as protection for the coast during storms and rising sea levels. An artificial riff is created through tubeworms and mussels.

4. Offshore port and Wave energy: The North Sea is a transport hub, with an offshore port used by autonomous vessels. Using wave and tidal energy for energy production.

5. Wind and Solar energy, H2 storage: offshore wind farms with a focus on the foundation of a Windmill as a home for marine life, together with mussel and seaweed farm. Storage of the H2 in the Sea.


Flemish Coast, North Sea, Belgium



Image / Photo credits

Heinrich Altenmueller


Commercial, Public Space, Infrastructure, Landscape


Studio Beluga, Callebaut Collective

Mission ORG

Urbanism, Art. Boards / Communication Marketing


Timothy Vanagt, Heinrich Altenmueller, Elena Kasselouri


Blauwe Cluster