's Gravenhof

View of Gravenplein - North
© Aleksander Čebotariov

‘s Gravenhof was designed as a concept for the competition to create a new, mixed-use, multi-unit residence in Beveren. ORG responded to the invitation by designing an architectural beacon for the Gravenplein.

This design for residence ‘s Gravenhof forms a connection to various public functions, such as the new town hall, designed by ORG, and the Culture Center Ter Vesten. In this way, the Gravenplein forms a gateway to the Lange Dreef, Cortewalle Castle and the centre of Beveren. The combination of a high-quality restaurant, an urban clinic and green space makes 's Gravenhof an ideal residence across age groups while drawing diverse visitors to its inviting and engaging space.

's Gravenhof was designed as a model of sustainable building in Beveren. Thanks to its well-imagined architectural techniques and commitment to sustainable materials, the complex design is completely emission-free and rainwater-neutral.

ORG put careful attention to create Gravenplein as a vibrant meeting place. The amenities of 's Gravenhof, such as the urban clinic and the restaurant, are oriented towards the Gravenplein, extending out from the building into the public space. This example of a public to private connection point was one of many architectural gestures to give residents full immersion into life in the city centre, while their private spaces remain sequestered.

View from Gravenplein - North East
© Aleksander Čebotariov

The creases in the facade are designed with a multiple impact: they provide a broader view of the surroundings by allowing daylight to enter from multiple directions while also lending their shape to offer added privacy, created by the setback towards the neighbours.

The project is organized around a central garden by positioning the building as close as possible to the edges of the plot. The building’s volume has been split in two distinct parts to open the courtyard to the surroundings and use the garden as a connecting element. The two building volumes, created by the courtyard garden, are further refined to seek a connection with the surrounding buildings.

View from Lange Dreef - South East
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View of Gravenplein - South West
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A walkable passage provides essential meeting places that are open and accessible to both the city square and the surrounding greenery. The courtyard garden becomes the center of the project. Instead of a fence, a green threshold provides privacy while preserving a visual connection to the Gravenplein.

The landscape design of the garden of 's Gravenhof is a place where the residents can meet each other or enjoy peace and quiet. Extensive attention was paid to enhance the biodiversity of the green environment with a natural, local and low maintenance concept. The garden contributes significantly to the sustainable rainwater-neutral water management of the project as a functional buffer for the rainwater that is integrally recovered on the site.

View of inner garden - West
© Aleksander Čebotariov
View of inner garden - South
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Beveren, Belgium




17.099m² BVO of which 1.200m² public amenities


Alexander D’Hooghe, Natalie Seys, Luk Peeters, Marcel Smets, Sander Aelvoet, Aaron Weller, Laura Minchin, Caterina Dubini, Kaatje Lemaire


Uplace NV

Mission ORG

Competition, Architecture Design

Image / Photo credits

© ORG / Aleksander Čebotariov / Polygon


Public Space, Residential, Landscape


Cordeel, Daidalos Peutz, Group D